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We are tourist and environmental hiking guides who have made our work a lifestyle! We live in a small village in central Sardinia, we work in the mountains and coastal areas throughout the island, for a few years we have been beekeepers, delicatessens and brewers and from 2024 we will start an agricultural company in connection with tourist services which will deal with the protection of the chestnut and centuries-old chestnut groves.

Francesco Manca

Hi, I am Francesco,

Tourist and Environmental Hiking Guide, founder of Your Sardinia Experience, a company founded in 2014.

Working in tourism has always been my dream since I was little, which matured thanks to the passion of my parents who allowed me to travel far and wide among the most beautiful destinations in Europe by car and camping.

[In life and in the world of work we must never lose humility and ambition, whatever the role held within a project].

Born in 1984, after studying at the University of Cagliari culminating in a degree in Cultural Operator for Tourism, I immediately began working in the sector as a hotel-receptionist before embarking on a course of training courses in tourism and entrepreneurship. After various experiences abroad including a study trip to Andalusia, a period at the ECS Tourism School in Scotland, collaborations with companies working in the Yosemite park and participation in a master's degree in the tourism system of San Francisco in California and a short period alongside the guides for the IncaTrail in Peru; Here I am leading the company with which I currently share most of my life.

Two of the projects carried out in recent years are the private tour for couples of the city of Cagliari with the old 1972 Fiat500L and the Wine Experience, a visit to the vineyards and wine cellars of Sardinia, currently one of the best-sellers on TripAdvisor.

For about eight years I have been promoting a project with my family, "The Family Experience", a day to spend in the small village where I was born together with local artisans and elderly people, re-enacting old crafts and participating in cooking classes, workshops and interviews related to the theme of food and longevity.

I am a Tourist Guide of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (GT RAS 1554) and a Tourist and Environmental Hiking Guide of the AIGAE (SA 440), the Italian association of environmental hiking guides recognized by the MISE (ministry of economic development). Environmental Hiking Guide of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia GAE RAS 794.

Francesca Montisci

Hi, I am Franzisca,

Tourist Guide of the Sardinia Region (GT RAS 2481) and AIGAE Environmental Hiking Guide. Born in the Aosta Valley mountains, but deeply tied to my roots, I consider myself a traveler, a polyglot who loves the world.

Since I was a child I have studied languages ​​in Sardinia, the Aosta Valley and France, finishing my training with a specialization in tourism and marketing in Lyon. Over the years I have worked and lived in Spain, Switzerland, France, New Zealand and Russia. All this, always with the aim of improving the linguistic aspect and increasing the professional aspect. Then, I decided to go back to basics. Traveling I discovered how much I adore Sardinia, its uniqueness, its history and its authentic character, but above all I discovered the needs of people like me when exploring a new land.

Recently, I have focused on creating authentic experiences that can offer you the best during your stay on the island. One of these is the Beekeeper for a day experience, where the collaboration with the family business Apidoria is essential to make your day unique.

I follow weekly tours, trekking, kayaking and day-tours of Your Sardinia Experience, driving both means of transport. I am very ready to accompany you on your next adventures in Sardinia!

Vittoria Murgia

Hi, I am Vittoria,

a retired former teacher who has chosen a new working life, just to always be at work. I was born in Orgosolo in 1953, I toured Europe by car and camping, I love Greece, Spain, France and all of old Czechoslovakia. In my years as a teacher I have accompanied students far and wide across European capitals and I currently take care of bread, fresh pasta and dessert workshops in family experiences and during food and wine festivals in Barbagia.

I love recovering old recipes and creating new ones by revisiting traditional dishes. One of my favorites remains the preparation and cooking of potato and chestnut ravioli, but I never forget to propose Su Pane Frattau typical of the Orgolese tradition.

I'm waiting for you to follow you in the cooking workshops and to spend some nice days together.

Stefano Manca

Hi, I am Stefano,

Chemical engineer lent to Your Sardinia Experience workforce. Born in 1989, factotum of the company, I am today an expert baker of the Aritzese and Orgolese tradition, producer of craft beer since 2008, producer of myrtle, jams, cakes, traditional recipes and already driver, caretaker and mechanic of Your Sardinia Experience vehicles as well as pilot of the DJI Mavix mini drone. You can find me on any tour in one of my many guises.

Albino Manca

Hi, I am Albino,

I am a retired former municipal employee who in his youth lived an agro-pastoral life with my father Nanni before becoming a traffic policeman and then entering the office. I am a handyman in the family, available to these young people who want to carry on tradition and new jobs in a complicated area like the Sardinian mountains. During meetings with guests from all over the world, I like to talk about when I followed my father and my uncles with the livestock during the transhumances towards Campidano, km after km on foot for whole days.

Aunt Bea, Franci Figus, Aunt Betty and Mirko

Family experiences and other activities in Barbagia are also possible thanks to the incredible help from many friends, neighbors, villagers and acquaintances and colleagues from nearby towns. Above all we name this team of incredible people, without them it would not have been possible to do anything. From the legendary Aunt Bea, Vittoria's tireless and very nice friend who loves making delicious sweets and long walks to Aunt Betty always present in all the good and bad, relaxing and challenging moments. Then Franci Figus, multi-graduate in languages ​​with experience abroad, guide and operator of the village museum and finally Mirko, always ready for any battle, with kindness and passion is the calmest and most serene of all of us.

Alessio Orrù

Our fantastic photographer! Alessio is our close friend and coworker for Your Sardinia Experience since the real beginning of the company. He's a professional photographer between Sardinia and Milan, where he can shoot the whole international world of food, always present at the meeting Identità Golose. On our island he enjoys taking pictures of beautiful natural landscapes, or portraits of agro pastoral people and at the same time wedding pics. Lots of the web site pictures have been taken by him!

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